If you took a loan – they know it. If you delayed repayment – they also have this information. But don’t be afraid, they can boast when you pay your obligations on time.

They are specialists from the Credit Information Bureau. Comperia.pl specialists will show that an entry in BIK may be a reason to be proud.

If a bank or other lending institution

If a bank or other lending institution

Wants to lend money to a customer, it routinely looks into the Credit Information Bureau database. The messages contained in it help assess the creditworthiness of each person. The scope of such data may vary. Sometimes offices collect negative data, i.e. only for customers who have delays in paying their liabilities. For the most part, however, these materials apply to all borrowers – including those paying their liabilities on time.

In 1997, the Polish Credit Information Bureau (BIK) was established, which started its operational activity in 2000. BIK is currently the only credit information office in Poland – there may be more of them, and the rules on which they can operate, contains the Banking Act.

Similarly to offices in other countries, BIK collects and provides both positive and negative data on the obligations of customers of banks and other credit institutions. BIK cooperates with financial institutions, acting on the basis of reciprocity, i.e. only financial institutions that transfer data to BIK can receive feedback in the form of credit reports.

Banks and other credit institutions,

Banks and other credit institutions,

By accessing this information, can efficiently assess a client’s creditworthiness and credibility before granting him a loan. Of course, they can also do this based on the documentation provided by the customer, but nevertheless it will be very difficult for them to assess their credibility.

Therefore, the credit report is of decisive importance when deciding whether to grant a loan and in the risk management process. The richer the report is, the more accurate the customer assessment.

Why are some people afraid of BIK?

Many future or current borrowers are increasingly afraid of BIK. On the Internet forums, you can read the entries of scared people who took a loan that such careful analysis makes access to credit services difficult, and one delay in installments may prevent you from getting another loan in the future. Nothing more wrong. BIK protects against excessive debt and getting into financial problems.

The possibility for the lender to obtain a credit report that facilitates credibility assessment also becomes a disciplinary mechanism for the borrower. The borrower himself can get a report on the state of his finances from the angle of credit. He knows how he is perceived by banks and what is the chance for credit. If he wants to be perceived as a reliable customer, he must strive to ensure that a positive repayment history of his obligations is available to banks not only during but also after the repayment of a given liability.