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The grouping of loans allows you to collect your loans in a single monthly payment, adapted to your ability to repay!

  • For all your credits

    Fixi and its trusted partner CGI Finance accompany you to make your purchase of credits, whatever the amount, with or without a mortgage. You can also integrate your home loan into your mortgage purchase.

  • Simplicity

    All your current loans are combined into one single rate monthly payment. And to simplify the management of your accounts, you only have one contact: Fixi.

  • New projects

    A reduced monthly payment weighs less on your monthly budget. Result: you are able to materialize your new project!

  • Reduced monthly rate

    The purchase of credits allows you to extend the duration of your existing loans and reduce the amount of your monthly payment (up to 64%). Your monthly repayment is better suited to your budget.

  • A well-insured loan

    Thanks to the Fixi Loan Insurance, your credit buyback operation is perfectly covered against the vagaries of life. In case of a hard blow, you are protected – and your family too!
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(1) The decrease in the monthly payment is allowed by the lengthening of the repayment period and increases the cost of the credit.

Here is an example:

You have several credits and a new project:


  • Revolving credit

    Rest 19 monthly installments of 50,10 $ APR fixed 20,60% Total remaining due: 951,90 $

  • Auto loan

    Rest 22 monthly payments of 177,60 $ APR fixed 5,90% Total remaining due: 3,907,14 $

  • Travel loan

    Rest 18 monthly payments of $ 86.27 APR fixed 4.50% Total outstanding amount: $ 1,552.91

  • New financing

    The amount borrowed: $ 9,000
    60 months
    Monthly payments of $ 165.07 APR fixed 3.90% Total outstanding amount: $ 9 904.03

  • Total of your monthly payments 479,04 $ / month

    for a total of $ 16,294.94

    and for a total of credits of $ 1,298.92

With our offer For a borrowed amount of $ 15,000 over 60 months

$ 285.59 / month

Total due from 17,135.40 $ in 60 months. TAEG fixed 5.50%

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capabilities before you commit.

The total cost of credits: $ 2,135.40. Fixed debtor rate of 5.37%. Amount excluding optional insurance. The annual rate of the Insurance: 2.94% Monthly contribution of optional insurance for one person: $ 19.50 for $ 15 000 borrowed, Total cost of insurance: $ 1,170. In the case of optional insurance membership, the amount of the insurance contribution will be added to the monthly payment.

How does the redemption of credits

Credit redemption is a credit solution for individuals or households with multiple loans in progress. accumulation loans (vehicle, works, travel, etc.) can lead to difficult situations, especially when the debt capacity of subscribers exceeds 33% commonly accepted.

When your situation allows, the loan consolidation is then to bring all the loans together in one to reduce the amount of the monthly payments. This operation may need to increase the term of borrowing so that the amortization of credits is done over a longer-term, you can also benefit from a lower interest rate.
The goal is to reduce the amount of the monthly payment and thus be able to live more comfortably on a daily basis. If your situation allows, you can finance a new project by taking out another loan that will be integrated into the purchase of credits!

The simple steps to get your credits redeemed

  • I make my request

    Directly online or from one of our expert advisors

  • I finalize my request

    Our experts will contact you to define together your needs and validate the solution best suited to your situation.

    Depending on the information provided, you will receive the first answer in principle, without commitment.

  • I return my contract

    If your file is pre-accepted, you will then receive by e-mail or mail your offer of redemption of credits to return, supplemented with the required supporting documents.

    The faster your file will be sent, the faster it will be processed!

  • My request is processed

    Upon receipt, your expert advisor will analyze your file as soon as possible in order to make a final decision on your request.

    Once your file is accepted, your advisor will inform you of the good news and will validate with you the date of deduction of your monthly payments.

  • It’s over!

    Your advisor takes care of everything: repay your credits, finance your new project and send you your transfer.

I want to group my credits

I want to group my credits

  • Online

  • By telephone